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Most of the time, all it takes to make a good desktop PC into something customers love is to simply add a discrete graphics card. 2 out of 3 desktop PC customers prefer discrete graphics over integrated graphics performance. ASUS CSM graphics cards create this value by offloading processing from onboard systems for better overall efficiency and enabling dual monitor support for further productivity. Providing 4K media playback to mainstream graphics right out the box allows further system applications such as digital signage and kiosks. ASUS CSM Graphics Cards are backed by the ASUS Corporate Stable Model (CSM) program, to ensure your investment stays headache-free and most importantly, profitable.

CSM Benefits

Stable Roadmap v
Product Lifecycle (based on product launch date) 12+ months
ASUS Rapid Replacement v
3-Year Warranty v
Dedicated Field Sales Support v
Easy Program Enrollment v

ASUS Fan-less GeForce®

Fanless CSM Graphics Cards

ASUS EN 210 Silent, GT710-2-SL-CSM & GT730-CSM

  • 0dB fan-less design dissipates heat efficiently and silently for uninterrupted media
  • Robust connectivity for multi-monitor high-productivity desktop configurations
  • Highly responsive visuals for better productivity or customer interaction
  • HTPC ready design with low profile bracket bundled


Industry-only 100% Automated Production Process

ASUS-designed graphics cards are all produced using Auto-Extreme Technology, an industry-exclusive, 100% automated production process that incorpates premium materials, setting a new standard of quality. Auto-Extreme Technology works with Super Alloy II components to ensure consistent quality as well as improved performance and longevity.

This new manufacturing process is also environmentally friendly, eliminating harsh chemicals and reducing power consumption by 50%

ASUS Exclusive Technologies

Super Alloy Power

Engineered with specific alloy components, ASUS graphics cards operate with 15% overall performance increase, 35┬░C cooler operating temperature, and 2.5X lifespan.


Optional packaged software for real time tweaking of fan speeds and GPU overclocking, enabling full control over operating noise, performance parameters, and longevity.

Dust-Proof Fan

Designed to remove dust on startup by reversing spin, the fan design also efficiently removes thermals, lowering operating noise and extending overall product lifespan by 25% beyond reference design.

Corporate Stable Model

The ASUS Corporate Stable Model graphics cards come with comprehensive benefits that make putting these graphics cards in desktop PCs a risk-free business solution.

  • Stable Roadmap
  • Long Product Life Cycle
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Dedicated Field Sales Support
  • Easy Program Enrollment
  • Complete Product Portfolio including Graphics Cards, Motherboards & Displays
  • Windows 10 and Pre-WHQL ready

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