Why ASUS Servers?

ASUS offers a wide range of server form factors for various space settings and IT designs. Small to medium businesses might need anything from a simple file or web server to complicated storage and virtualization servers depending on business scale and service.

For medium to large enterprises and managed and cloud service providers, ASUS is recognized to have the optimum 2U – most widely used server type, two socket server with 67 No1 benchmark world records for performance.


ASUS Server Product Portfolio

RS Series ServerESC Series GPU ServerS Series Storage ServerOpen Platform Server
General Purpose
Rack Server
Enhanced product flexibility and scalability to cover a full range of applications.
GPU Density
Rack Server
Design in most loading technology for brand leading images.
Storage Density
Rack Server
Design in most loading technology for brand leading images.
Easy Scale Out
Full Rack
Design for hyper-scale datacenter.

Core Competency of ASUS Server

PerformanceGreen ComputingManagement
ASUS Performance Boost Technology

  • Core Optimizer
  • Engine Boost
  • Workload Presents
ASUS Thermal Rader 2.0

  • Optimized thermal design
  • Intelligent sensors monitoring
  • Dynamic adjustments

Power Balancer

  • Dynamic Monitoring
  • Auto Frequency Adjustment
  • Enhanced Power Efficiency
ASUS Control Center

  • Easy Management
  • Improved IT Efficiency
  • High Capability
  • HW & FW Integration
ASUS Performance Boost Technology

Monitor and feedback CPU loading to have more accurate management on the system

Auto Frequency Adjustment

Dynamically and automatically adjust cpu frequency based on current utilization to reduce power consumption

Enhanced Power Efficiency

Optimize performance per watt for a betterpower efficacy system

More Sensors

Sensor are embedded on front, CPU, NVMe,SSD, OCP Mezz, Card, PSU and memory. Up to 56 ambient sensors on selected models

Intelligent Adjustment

Fans are grouped for dynamic fan curve adjustment in different tan zones to achieve more precise thermal monitoring

Economic and Eco-Friend

More precise thermal information can reduce power consumption and lower down TCO.

Versatile General Purpose Servers

  • High Core Counts
  • Large Memory Capacity

ES700A-E9 V2
RS720A-E9 v2

Edge Computing
  • Compact Size
  • GPU Support


  • High computing density
  • High Speed Network


AI & Analytics
  • GPU optimized
  • High Speed Network


Smart Industry
  • Space-Spacing
  • General Compute Capability


  • Lower Cost
  • Balance Performance

RS500- E9

Green ASUS

We at ASUS are fully committed to creating a sustainable future. We believe in adopting an eco-friendly approach towards every aspect of our business. This is where the Green ASUS philosophy comes in – from our internal practices and our production processes.

Server Support

ASUS guarantees quality, service and reliability. That’s why we offer an exclusive one-day advanced replacement and return merchandise service – 1-Day ARS. In addition to rapid replacement, all ASUS barebone servers, server motherboards carry a 3-year limited warranty in most territories – with satisfaction guaranteed